29 Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

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Tips on increasing your website conversion rate

1. Great Design

A great website is not only easily noticeable by internet users but also helps in imparting a positive image about the website to its users.

This is very important as it help in easing website conversion as a great design is an essential aspect as far as quality website conversion is concerned.

Always remember that, “First impression last” and as such always work towards creating the right impression with your website’s design.

2. Goal oriented calls to action

The worst thing that you can ever do as far as website conversion is concerned is mislead visitors to your website. The best thing to do is that you should direct the visitor on what to do rather than let him/her figure it out for him/herself.

You should minimize your website’s call to action to only about 1 or 2 at most. The calls to action require having great visibility and being unique so as to be easily differentiated from other content. Outstanding call to action examples are such as MailChimp, Google Search page and Basecamp.

3. Use Live Chat Support Systems

The easiest way to maintain visitors to a website is by ensuring that they have all they need at their disposal. This also includes ensuring that their questions and other enquiries are professionally responded to within the shortest time possible. The best way to address questions from visitors is by using Live Chat response programs.

What accounts for the reliability and effectiveness of live chat?

Research studies

4. Use Videos

Videos are very important in enhancing rhythm to static content through the addition of visual elements in the content. Videos engage visitors and enhance engagement of the visitors with the websites.

Ways of using videos on your website

The use of videos in websites is quite diversified through strategies that are set to increase a website’s conversion rates. Purposes for which videos are used in a website are such as:

Tip: You should only make short and to the point videos. Avoid having long videos such as those with over 5 minutes of watch. Such videos are using very boring and as such, they may fail to achieve their purpose of enlightening visitors on different aspects.

5. Use people’s images

It goes without saying that most visitors are bound to develop a feeling of great trust and sincerity about the website once they see images of people’s faces. This is important in that it allows the visitors to be able to connect with the website.

You should use images of people in a way that helps in establishing a well found connection between your website and its visitors. You can use images of people showing illustrations on how to undertake different strategies while in the website. The most important thing about images with people’s faces is that they help in clearing any doubts that the visitors may be having.

The size of the images should be compact, such that they are not too large or too small. Basically, the images should be visible and unique so as to call the visitors to action.

6. Identify your audience

Targeting a demographic

Before implementing a marketing strategy for use in advertisement, it is important that you should be able to identify your target audience. This is so that you can be able to keep your target audience in mind when developing ads and also in writing content such as for blog posts. You should write content that is enjoyable to your target audience.

Website conversion mainly revolves around identifying the website’s target audience and being able to connect with visitors to the website. You should help in bringing about satisfaction and safety to your website’s visitors.This helps a great deal in ensuring that you gain the trust and loyalty of the visitors and thus the visitors are set to buy more from the website.

7. Identifying and spreading proof to visitors.

Addition of proof to the site’s home page contributes a substantial margin to the amazing 400% conversion rate boost in voices.com. Voices.com had factored unique “claims to fame” and despite the claims not been communicated appropriately, they still had a great impact on potential customers.

8. Enhance the trust factor in your contact page

To build trust, you need to use a footprint especially in the present digitalized world. Big companies edge out as the greatest beneficiaries of both on and off exposure. This is due to increased visibility from the exposure. The offices make use of their networked offices as a show and proof of their great accountability as far as service delivery is concerned. This helps a great deal in attracting potential customers.

Enhancing the trust factor is done by: adding an address to the website’s contact page, adding a phone number in the business’s order forms and providing links to previous customers who are satisfied with your services. Connect your website with your social media accounts such as twitter. The best thing about increasing the website’s footprint is that it helps in developing a more established trust factor, which in turn greatly boosts your conversion rate.

9. Provision of leads to boost your funnel content

Case studies, research studies, eBooks and more enhanced email marketing are some of the ways to boost funnel content. Use content that has a great convincing aspect that is likely to be more convincing and persuasive to website visitors. A perfect example of this situation is Diteba Research Laboratories that applied the strategy and soon achieved an amazing 3x increase in their conversion rates.

10. Prioritize on referral sources to boost traffic

Quanticate prioritized on Linkedin by posting quality content that helped in persuading as many potential customers as possible. In turn the site realized a 10x traffic increase and 10x conversion increase.

11. Use red call to action buttons

Red color is easily noticeable and quite effective in its use for call to action buttons.BMI; one of UK’s leading airlines achieved a 2.5% conversion rate increase through the addition of a red background behind their message “Hurry Only XX Seats Left”. Further, Performable on the other hand changed it from green to red and achieved a 21% conversions increase.

12. Use a user flow designed in great clarity

Zen Windows were able to boost their conversion rates from a low of from 0.75% to 2.95% by redesigning the website flow .This made it easy for the website’s users to be able to find what they were looking for hassle free.

13. Use testimonials with images

Wiki Jobs increased their conversion rate by a whooping 34% as they used testimonials in their site .These are testimonials with images.

14. Include reviews in your website

By adding website reviews, Figleaves were able to enhance conversion rate by not less than 35%.

15. Use catchy call to action wordings

TextMagic achieved a 37.6% conversions increase as they revised their button text from the common “Buy SMS Credits” to the outstanding “View SMS Prices”.

16. Use a simplified home page

Preceden got an amazing 37% increase as they made their homepage clearer and simpler.

17. Improve site usability

Slideshop.com enjoyed a 34% conversions increase after a usability “best-practice” .This is by having a navigation menu in the site’s homepage.

18. Include the call for action button in the content area

Nature Air achieved a one of a kind conversions increase of 591% as they professionally included a contextual well structured call to action button in the content area. Calls to action buttons that are easy to find are very effective in boosting conversion rates.

19. Minimize fields in your forms

ImageScape saw a form submission increase of 160% and a 120% conversion increase as it undertook a reduction in the number of form fields by 7 (from 11 to 4).

20. Use a more enhanced literal callout command

By using a stronger command to campaign for more followers, Dustin Curtis achieved a 173% additional clickthroughs by using his twitter profile.

21. Prioritize on one action

The Weather Channel comfortably achieved a 225% Conversions jump after restructuring their homepage to only focus on a clear and concise single action.

22. Have a left hand side call to action

Less Accounting test indicated that sites with left hand side calls to action were more efficient than sites that used reverse layouts.

23. Use single column sign up forms

This close monitoring study established that single column forms were more efficient.

24. Take time before asking for sales

There is a company that removed the sign up action call from its website’s homepage and in turn achieved 350% sign up increases.

25. Include a phone number in the site’s header

LessAccounting achieved an amazing 1.8% conversions increase after having placed a phone number in their site’s header.

26. Use red links

Studies on link usability place blue ink as the best but by using red links, Beamax boosted the clickthroughs of their links greatly.

27. Use email address services to persuade buyers

Despite the fact that your website may be highly optimized, it is important to note that not all visitors will become buyers. This is specifically the case for clients who have small business as such clients prefer knowing more information of the seller before making purchases. This is very frustrating but even so, you can turn the bad situation good, to work towards your benefits. Request visitors to submit their emails for direct communication from you, the seller and website owner. This makes it easy to convince them to make purchases.

29. Use bullet points as opposed to one block text

Bullet points are better than text blocks in different aspects such as:

A bulleted list makes it easy for visitors to be able to deduce all the important and informational texts in the content provided.

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