Best Tips for Developing an Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

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How much time do you spend developing an email marketing campaign strategy?

Chances are you’ve thought extensively about all the aspects of your email marketing campaign strategy and appearance.

Developing great content, mobile friendly templates and double checking compatibility across browsers and email clients.

Chances are also that you have paid very little if any attention to your subject line. This is a huge mistake.

The subject line is the first and very often the last thing your potential client sees.

Yet so many email marketers completely ignore this facet of their engagement, opting instead for whatever they come up with at the last minute.

Email Subject Line Strategies

Your subject line is your introduction; if it isn’t high quality no one will ever see your message. The internet has changed in recent years and so have people’s approach to information. Usability is the key today; you have to play to that goal to get noticed.

Your customers are influenced primarily by their first impression. That first impression is your subject line. Ambiguous or confusing subject lines that don’t offer a clear benefit to the customer are not useful. It offers a poor experience to the user and will ultimately get ignored and deleted.

On the flip side crafting a strong and direct subject that engages with clear usability your response rates will improve as direct result. Technology has increased exponentially.

There are more emails sent out now than ever before. Making your email stand out is the only chance you have to break through the clutter. Studying trends will provide insight into which strategies will work for your market and which ones won’t.

Looking at over 2.2 billion mails let’s break down the best approach

It’s important to have a defined subject line in mind during the planning stages of your campaigns.

Your message is delivered via your subject line in your customers’ inbox whether or not they get opened. Make sure you properly represent your strategy.

If you’re offering a product, let your customer know it has benefit and what it is. Do you stand out from competitors? How? Highlight your strong points.

If you’re a non-profit, show off how your association benefits your cause. Maybe you’re having a sale, put that in the subject line!

News articles should incorporate clips of articles the customer can expect to read.

Your strategy may vary but by developing a standard of subject line exhibition you develop your brand and increase responses. It is important not to use the same subject line continuously that would be counterproductive but if you present yourself in a way that makes your message clear to the user you can drive better response to your product.

A/B testing your email campaigns

Split testing is awesome. It is a great strategy, try new things, but don’t get crazy about it. Sacrificing quality for short term gain is a no win situation. Grand promises or outlandish claims may get your email opened but the customer is going to get wise sooner than later. If you can’t deliver on the promises your audience is going to stop paying attention and send your messages straight to trash, which will cause long term damage to your brand. Make sure that your overarching strategy stays in focus during testing new approaches.

The web is an ever changing landscape. What isn’t working now may work in a couple months. What hasn’t worked before may find success in today’s market. Test new ways to reach audiences but don’t stray too far from your purpose. Testing is the key to keeping an accurate image of what current trends are.

Finding the proper words is a result of careful studying

A recent report by The 2013 Adestra Subject Line Analysis Report sampled over 2 billion emails from over 90,000 email campaigns and compiled a list of keywords by result.


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