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Είναι η σελίδα σου Mobile Friendly; Αν όχι τότε θα “χαθείς” από τα αποτελέσματα αναζήτησης για κινητά & tablet




The Ease of Increasing Your Trip Advisor Rankings

The use of business handouts help Trip Advisor Rankings QR Code designed hotel cards can be fixed on hotel room key holders. QR code technology is very effective for use to instant response from guests. The cards can be scanned easily with Smartphone (s) thereby allowing guests to rate the hotel by writing a review […]…



29 Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Tips on increasing your website conversion rate 1. Great Design A great website is not only easily noticeable by internet users but also helps in imparting a positive image about the website to its users. This is very important as it help in easing website conversion as a great design is an essential aspect as […]…



The Value of Long Tail Keywords in SEO

Which is better traffic or conversions? – Long Tail Keywords in SEO If you a business owner or an SEO director or an SEO yourself you’re probably spending the majority of your time trying to drive traffic to your site. Traffic is after all, the driving force behind conversions. Conversion, are what you’re after, the […]…



Best Tips for Developing an Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

How much time do you spend developing an email marketing campaign strategy? Chances are you’ve thought extensively about all the aspects of your email marketing campaign strategy and appearance. Developing great content, mobile friendly templates and double checking compatibility across browsers and email clients. Chances are also that you have paid very little if any […]…



5 Simple Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

Rise Above the Crowd and Increase Facebook Engagement So you want to get more people to your Facebook page but you’re not sure where to begin? Some recent studies have found surprising trends in Facebook users habits and some not so surprising ones. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your […]…



What Are #Hashtags? Learn How to Use hashtags Properly

Learn How to Use hashtags Properly in your Social Media Strategy What Are #Hashtags? Hashtags are a tool that allow users of social media sites to participate in conversations on specific topics. They also allow users to locate subjects of interest to them easily and stay informed as updates arrive. How To Create A Hashtag? […]…



What is Klout for Business? Measuring Social Media Influence

Defining and Measuring Social Media Influence Klout is a social media analytics tool measuring social media influence a user has based on prominence. Klout users research their influence over a range of topics by compiling data from a number of social media outlets. Klout defines this influence as the ability to drive an action related […]…


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