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What is Klout for Business? Measuring Social Media Influence

Defining and Measuring Social Media Influence Klout is a social media analytics tool measuring social media influence a user has based on prominence. Klout users research their influence over a range of topics by compiling data from a number of social media outlets. Klout defines this influence as the ability to drive an action related […]…


How to Design Call To Action Buttons That Convert

Call to Action Buttons Examples and Best Practices When it comes to landing pages the difference between bounce and conversion rates lies within your call to action. Whether downloading a form, buying a product, clicking on another page or downloading PDFs your call-to-action acts as the gateway to that interaction. The two major elements of […]…


How to use Klout for Business – 5 Successful Examples

Measuring Social Media Influence If you’re going by the numbers one things is abundantly clear. Businesses are using social media to connect with their customers more than they ever have before. Over 11 million businesses have registered Facebook pages, 8 million use Google+ and hundreds of thousands advertise regularly on blogs. Out of all the […]…


How to Write Call to Action Buttons that Convert

Tips On Writing Compelling Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) Copy Design of your landing page should spend about half of its time on your headline and the rest on what your CTAs are saying. The copy on your buttons affect click through rates just as much if not more so than size, color and shape. […]…


Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing Tips

Traffic and Conversion Rates There are many popular services today for companies looking to increase traffic and conversion rates. Without a doubt, these two metrics are the defining benchmarks of success in a landing page or other similar digital outlet. Conversion rates can be volatile. Even the slightest change can have a dramatic effect on […]…


5 Landing Page Optimization Strategies for Higher Conversions Rates

Landing Page Optimization Strategies There are several things that come into play when creating effective landing pages with high conversion rates. Online advertising is an obvious component that rarely gets overlooked. Compelling and clickable ads are another important feature but what about post-click marketing?


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