The Ease of Increasing Your Trip Advisor Rankings

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The use of business handouts help Trip Advisor Rankings

QR Code designed hotel cards can be fixed on hotel room key holders.

Persuade only the satisfied guests to rate your hotel on Trip Advisor

The internet has numerous programs and applications that may be used for redirecting guests. Providers like Customer Alliance or Trust You offer customized survey tools. These are tools that enable you to send requests to guests post their stay at your hotel. Once the requests are honored, the surveys can be subdivided (by percentages) for redirection to numerous channels like Holiday Check, Google + or Trip Advisor among other channels. The best thing about this technology is that it allows you to push reviews of an individual channel as high as you want.

North American hotels Trip Advisor rankings case study

Trip Advisor has been developed uniquely such that it is able to show a link between hotels with aspects such as high number of reviews, videos and photos and increased interactions in the hotel’s pages.

Trip Advisor rankings improvement

To enhance your hotel’s Popularity Index, you need to persuade your guests to write reviews for your hotel. The closer, your hotels index approaches No. 1, the more the online visibility of your hotel will be enhanced. Factors affecting popularity index:

The best thing about encouraging and persuading guests to post better reviews is that the overall quality and quantity of the reviews is enhanced. This helps a great deal in ensuring that your Popularity Index on Trip Advisor is enhanced accordingly. More Trip Advisor Tips

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