Social Media Marketing


Build Goal Oriented Relationships with Your Customers

Over the years, social media has become a pivotal tool for businesses to expand and connect with new customers as well as build loyalty to their brands. You probably are aware of the fact that having a well-based social media presence can help you to build your brand but maybe you are not aware of how to use sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in the best manner; in a manner that integrates smoothing with other marketing plans that you may have.

Novel Web Designs offers exclusive small business social media marketing Cyprus services for niche and local businesses. We understand the fact that to establish a highly profitable social media presence requires more than simply creating profiles on all the leading social media sites. Instead, there is need to put in strategized planning, regular benchmarking and ongoing maintenance to ensure that you are able to engage the right individuals in a manner that promotes your online success.

Our small business social media marketing services will help you with:

Factual social media marketing is based on strategy

It is about sourcing creative ways to harness the potential of the masses in spreading brand awareness and in growth of market share. Let Novel Web Designs develop a strategy (social media marketing strategy) that will help you achieve your greatest goals.

Social Media is slowly becoming the new most viable advertising and marketing avenue

This has mainly been attributed to the increased use of social media with 86% of online adults in USA and 79% of online adults engaging with social media regularly. The returns that companies get from their engagement as well as growth of advertising and marketing spend on social media platforms have also contributed to this new trend. Advertisers and marketers have established linkage to consumers through different platforms that include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Each platform provides its own strengths and most viable purposes, so our team of professionals evaluates the best way to use the platforms based on your interests.

The strengths of each of the platforms can be harnessed with effective and targeted economical advertising methods. These are methods that complement the company’s presence and visibility in each of the platforms. Novel Web Designs boasts of a highly skilled and talented social media expert’s team who pride themselves in having a proven track record of different achievements. These achievements are creating and maintaining dynamic and vibrant social media campaigns for different companies, training and educating clients on how to use social platforms to their best potential and keeping up-to-date with the daily changes made on the platforms.

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