The Value of Long Tail Keywords in SEO

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Which is better traffic or conversions? – Long Tail Keywords in SEO

If you a business owner or an SEO director or an SEO yourself you’re probably spending the majority of your time trying to drive traffic to your site.

Traffic is after all, the driving force behind conversions.

Conversion, are what you’re after, the completed cycle of an interested customer all the way to purchase. Traffic is how interest and ad effectiveness are measured.

How better to know how well your message is getting out than by measuring the number of hits you receive? Makes sense but what if there’s a better way?

What’s so great about traffic anyway?

If 100 people come into your store each day and only two buy anything, day after day, all the extra traffic isn’t doing you any good. There’s something to be said for word of mouth but if they weren’t interested enough to buy anything, why would they recommend your services to someone else?

What if we could do this, what if we could get 25 customers a day and 15 of them resulted in conversions. Thats better than a 50% completion rate. This is just an example but this is exactly what long tail keywords can do.

Let’s look at some specifics.

The Conversion Funnel


The conversion funnel is the process that guides a customer from original interest all the way to paid in full.

Each visitor to your site is at some stage of the funnel. The very first level of the funnel is for new customers. They have no knowledge or interest in your services or product. The last stage of the funnel is where customers on the edge of conversion reside.

Also included are customers who have ventured in to explore but were otherwise unimpressed and left. As well as those who reached a barrier or a leak of some kind and abandoned the process.

There are several strategies for handling the customers once they enter the funnel. You may choose to try and convert all of them. This can require a lot of energy and some may prefer instead to focus on specific categories of customers.

However, the closer to the top you can educate and convert your customers, the higher chances of building loyalty. In the meanwhile we should take a look at how to use long tail keywords in SEO to capture those near the end of the funnel, the customers ready to convert.

Your terms – There must be a better way


Ok, so you’ve found a great generic keyphrase that produces several thousand results. You want to optimize for this immediately so you can get all of that traffic right? Wrong.

With all that traffic is going to come a lot of competition. You’re contending with PPC ads and strong backlink profiles. This is not ideal. With super generic terms you also end up having a hard time targeting an audience based on their place in the funnel, what stage are they at? It’s impossible to know.

There must be a better way.

Long Tail Keywords in SEO

There is a better way and Adwords itself provides one of them. The Google keyword tool is a decent resource for long-tails. Entering a search term and paying attention to auto suggestions may also produce a few options.



Ubersuggest is an excellent resource for obtaining long-tail keyword suggestions. Type in your keywords and you will be provided with a bounty of options based on actual searches to assist you. You can further those suggestions by using the + to research those words you just chose back into the system and produce new sub-suggestions.

So now you’ve ended up with a keyword set that produces much less competition. By narrowing the field we’ve isolated users who are well on their way down the funnel, much closer to conversion. This produces less traffic but at higher rates of success with less effort.

The scalability of this approach is infinite. You can rank 25 or more of these keywords and now with the same amount of traffic you’re experiencing a much higher conversion rate and much greater level success.




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